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Sleeves for sleeve valves

Sleeves for sleeve valves

Rubber hoses for sleeve valves are a specific type of hose with a very specific construction. Sleeve valves are valves generally used in applications with aggregates or especially aggressive fluids with the metal elements of a conventional valve. The requirements of the sleeves for this type of valves are very strict. The costs associated with an early failure of such a sleeve are usually very high. That is why they are facilities normally subject to preventive maintenance and a change of the sleeve coinciding with the scheduled maintenance stops. The deterioration of the hose can be caused by chemical or mechanical aggressiveness of the controlled fluid or by fatigue of the material before the closing cycles or by rupture in the assembly areas at the ends of the sleeve. Rubber sleeves for sleeve valves are products whose supply is not easy outside the official channel and the alternatives hardly meet the desirable resistance characteristics. From VULCAX we can offer a customized solution for each specific application and improve the life of the sleeve reducing maintenance costs. We also provide solutions to cases where the supply is not accessible or a second source of supply is needed. The hoses will have a different construction in each case although it is a common element to have textile reinforcement at the ends and to have absence in the central area.

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