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Railway hoses

Railway hoses

The railway sector requires very specific solutions, very high quality and very high performance in short or medium series without sacrificing cost optimization. The hose for this sector can have a very wide variety of constructions depending on the system to which they are intended. However, the highest quality requirements, safety requirements and high technological standards are common elements to all of them. Recently the extension of high-speed technology has prompted the introduction of new standards related to fire safety that affect all construction elements but especially all the materials present in the passenger cabin. The rubbers have consequently had to evolve with advanced proposals that respond to these new demands. From VULCAX we can offer all our products adapted to this demanding sector and to these new regulations.

Other sectors

  • Rubber hoses for street sweepers
    The sweeping machines require an anti-abrasive hose, which works in depression and has a very high flexibility and lightness, without losing any resistance
  • Hoses for trucks
    Trucks have a very strong spare market that we can complement in discontinued references, with supply problems, emergencies, design improvements ...
  • Sleeves for sleeve valves
    The sleeves for sleeve valve are standard spare parts that are optimized in cost and quality by adjusting materials and construction to the particular application

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