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Extruded rubber profile

Extruded rubber profile

We manufacture the extrusion matrix from drawing or sample, we tune up the process by adapting it to the requested material and supply your profile in a very short time and in reduced lengths. The material is supplied directly by the supplier with the appropriate formulation to give an optimal result in the extrusion process. In VULCAX we are able to supply profiles up to 160 mm. in diameter, with any quality of rubber, in small quantities and at a competitive price.

Other product types

  • Rubber reductions
    The possibility of constructing a conduit that joins, on a flexible and robust form, mouths of different diameters saves important costs in special suitable solutions.
  • Flexible hoses
    Flexible hoses with wire are able to flex or withstand strong depressions without collapsing. They are multipurpose and can be built with any material
  • Rubber elbow and sleeves
    Rubber elbow and sleeves are manufactured from an extruded profile and formed on a tool with the appropriate shape so that, once vulcanized, it retains the shape

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