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Flexible hoses

Flexible hoses

Flexible hoses are probably the most versatile and affordable type of hose. Being constructed with a spiral of wire embedded between the layers of rubber and reinforcement fabric these hoses withstand high pressures and depressions. Being able to be built with all the variety of materials can be adapted to multiple environments and applications. They can also join non-aligned mouths allowing significant flexions without collapsing. As we say, the applications are multiple being able to conduct water, air, hydrocarbons, aggregates, aggressive fluids, fluids at high temperatures ... In VULCAX we manufacture your flexible hose tailored from short or unit series, under plane or sample, in rubbers or silicones ...

Other product types

  • High pressure hoses
    High pressure water / air rubber hoses withstand up to 15 bars in working pressure through additional textile reinforcements and higher wall thicknesses
  • Armored hoses
    Armored hoses are a particular case of hose in which 2 spirals of steel wire are used, the first embedded in the rubber layers and the second one on the outside
  • Tailor made hoses
    We are manufacturers of all our products because we are capable of manufacturing short and even unitary series of hoses under a plane or sample

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