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Tailor made hoses

Tailor made hoses

Our production system is capable of manufacturing with the highest quality standards unitary hoses under drawing or sample and in small quantities. In VULCAX we will solve your need to conduct fluids or aggregates with the most appropriate design for each case. If you are not sure about the most suitable design, let us know what the service conditions will be, how your current hose has failed, what you want to improve ... and we will advise you with the design that best suits your needs. We are expert hose designers.

Other product types

  • Flexible hoses
    Flexible hoses with wire are able to flex or withstand strong depressions without collapsing. They are multipurpose and can be built with any material
  • Water/air rubber hoses
    Rubber hoses for water-air are simple hoses with textile reinforcement that generally withstand up to 6 bars of pressure and no more than 120ºC in temperature
  • Elbow radiator hoses
    Elbow radiator hoses are the most versatile and economical way to drive fluids between different elements of a machine or vehicle, with different mouths and materials.

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